Sunday, 15 February 2009

Vintage Floral Fabric Hanging Heart

Perhaps this would look pretty hanging on your brass and iron bed too!! This is a pretty hanging heart made from some vintage french floral fabric I bought at an antiques market.

The back is made from a piece of traditional provencal print cotton, reclaimed from an old doily I bought. It is stuffed with a soft polyester filling and has a little pink felt heart with a vintage cotton covered button where the gold ribbon is attached.
Size (max): 10cm x 10.5cm

Price: £7.00 inc post & packing.

Pretty Vintage French Linen Purse

This pretty purse is made from a vintage french red floral linen, I love this fabric which I bought at a local antiques market. It is lined with a red and off white striped fabric.

The purse has a little felt appliqué heart with a blue/green button. The little stuffed heart is made from a piece of vintage french linen taken from an old dowry sheet. This is hand stitched and finished with a pearly button for extra prettiness. The purse closes with a snap fastner.
Size: 13.5cm x 10.5cm

Price: £9.00 inc postage & packing.

Rosy Red Gingham Purse

This little purse is made with a rosy red gingham fabric and is lined with a piece of white vintage linen, taken from a french dowry sheet. I have applied two little pink felt hearts with a vintage cotton covered button. Also there is a handed stitched felt heart, white on one side pink on the other with a pearly button. It has a snap fastner to keep it closed.
Size: 13.5cm x 10.5cm

Price: £9.00 inc postage & packing

Hanging Heart

This is a pretty red hanging heart. This one is all hand stitched as it is made of a knitted fabric. I have used some scraps of vintage french fabric for the appliqué hearts, where the ribbon joins the heart there is a little felt heart with a red gingham button. There is a piece of dark grey ribbon to hang it by. This one is stuffed with a soft polyester filling.

Price: £7.00 inc post & packing.